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04/11/2011 / Kaitlin Zhang

The Do’s and Don’ts of Going to Church

Avoid embarrassment and be prepared. The first time going to church can often make you more self-conscious and nervous. Even some old-timers are unsure how to act sometimes in a new church.  Here is some basic guidelines to going to church:


  • Be on time and dress appropriately depending on the church.
  • Greet your neighbors.
  • Stand up when everyone is standing up.
  • Pay attention to the announcement of events and the sermon.
  • Respect others and their opinions.
  • Research the Church’s mission statement and their beliefs.
  • Go to church early and leave your toddlers/children/teens with the appropriate group.


  • Don’t leave your cellphone on.
  • Don’t leave right away after the service is over. Meet somebody.
  • Don’t do anything that makes your uncomfortable.
  • Don’t let one bad experience defer you from going to church. Christians are just like everybody else. Some are nicer than others. And also, difference of opinions is normal in the Church family just as it is in a normal family.

You don’t have to sing, but singing can help you enjoy the worship more.  Singing can also help you connect with God better.

You don’t have to take communion. Communion is the taking of bread and wine in remembrance of our redemption through Jesus.  It usually happens on the last Sunday of the month.  Listen carefully to how your pastor explains communion and then decide for yourself if you are ready yet.

You don’t have to pray, but prayer is a powerful way to experience the power of God.  You can always try and pray in your heart.  After you listen to a couple of other people pray out loud and read How Do I Pray, you can give it a try too.

You don’t have to give, but giving is a part of being God’s family.  You are not giving to a church, but you are giving through a church to help others.  God loves a cheerful giver, so only give if you are happy to give.  Usually, Christians are called to contribute 10% of their income to God’s kingdom (through Church, or other charities).

Just enjoy the service, be respectful and meet somebody new.


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