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04/17/2011 / Kaitlin Zhang

What is Lent? Why am I Giving Up TV until Easter for Lent?

You deserve some time alone for some long-overdue soul searching.  Who knows, you might even find giving up your TV beneficial as well.

Lent is a concentrated period of time when you can reflect on your relationship with God and focus on your spiritual development.

It is more often regarded as a season of soul searching for all Christians when we prepare for the joy and celebration of Easter by giving ourselves an annual spiritual check up.

5 Essential Part of Lent:

  1. Prayer
  2. Repentence
  3. Forgiveness
  4. Giving
  5. Self-Denial

This is a time for self-denial and fasting when we give up some of the comforts of our lives in order to make ourselves more available to God.

I am doing my Lent starting the Sunday before Easter Sunday, until Easter Sunday.  I choose to give up watching endless TV shows and movies.  I find that this is what God is calling me to give up so that I may have more time for him.


Lent is starts on Ash Wednesday, which is 46 days before Easter.  People would fast everyday except on Sundays.   Lent ends the day before Easter Sunday, also known as Holy Saturday.  However, the tradition varies.
The origin came from Jesus fasted and prayed for 40 days in the desert before he began his ministry. – Mark 1:13

8 Other Creative Ways to Celebrate Lent:
– Spring-cleaning, get rid of excessive things and donating them
– Give up social networking
– Give up driving
– Give up busyness and focus on people
– Go on a local missions trip
– Spiritual retreats
– Give up fast food or eating out
– Read The Purpose Driven Life, which is made for a 40-day read.
More on what Jesus did:

Jesus saw his physical hunger as unimportant and trusted in God to provide for all his needs.  Each time he is tempted by Satan, Christ deliberately turned away from the attractions of a self centered and self serving world in order to place God’s purposes first.

Therefore, let us follow Jesus’ example and put God first.


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