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04/22/2011 / Kaitlin Zhang

Happy Easter! What is So Confusing about Easter?

When I think about Easter, I think about mini-eggs and the furry Easter bunny and Easter egg hunt.  When I was a kid, I won a stuffed Easter Bunny at a local swimming pool egg hunt.  Easter is a great spring time celebration, but more importantly…

Easter is when Christians celebrate Jesus’ resurrection.  It is typically 2 days after Good Friday, and lands on Resurrection Sunday.   (I will be writing a post soon about Why Did Jesus Died.)

Good Friday: a Christian holiday commemorating Jesus Christ’s crucifixion at Calvary; it coincides with Passover.

  1. Highest attendance rate at church

Easter, along with Christmas, have the highest attendance rate at church.  So it is a fantastic time to invite friends to your church service.  Many people would love you to go with you if they just got an invitation.  Easter and Christmas services are usually more non-Christian friendly.

2.  Highest consumption of candy

Easter, along with Halloween, have the highest consumption of candy and chocolates in America.  So watch what you eat.   Even though the commercial says, “for a limited time only”, chocolates and candy is always around.

3.  Most confusing for children

Bunnies don’t lay eggs.  Easter eggs are used for the symbol of new life and fertility.  And bunnies are mammals who don’t lay eggs.  Even the Easter bunny doesn’t lay eggs, it just carries the egg around.

4.  Most confusing for adults

The eggs and bunny are associated with the pagan celebration and has nothing to do with Jesus.  As Christians, we should place much more emphasis on our Lord’s resurrection than chocolates and candy.   Don’t be taken over by the decorations and commercials and forget what is really important.

A Note about HOP the Movie:

There is a new movie coming out called HOP, which is about the adventures of a Easter bunny.  Watching this movie with your kids may be a good way to start a conversation about the love and forgiveness of God.  However, do consult the Christian reviews and then decide for yourself whether this is right for your children.


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