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05/31/2011 / Kaitlin Zhang

7 Benefits of Attending Church Camp

Last weekend, I went to my church’s youth and young adult church camp retreat.

Retreat means a withdrawal from the busyness and stress of everyday life.  It is a devoted time to spend with God and the body of Christ.

The body of Christ means other members of the church family.


7 Benefits of Attending Church Camp:

– also applies to various other church events

1. Make Time for God

You may find that by turning your whole attention to God, you are able to trust God more with your problems.  In order to making God your number 1 priority, you should make time for God.  Jesus says that “For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them.” Matt 18:20

2. Connect with Others

I have a couple of friends already at church.  Going to church events together with my friends dramatically boosts my happiness.  It helps you know that you are never alone.

3. Make New Friends

You already know a couple of familiar faces from church.  This is a great opportunity to turn those familiar faces to life-long friends.  I made so many new friends this trip and it’s awesome!

4. Be Encouraged

So many people are so loving and encouraging.  The music and sermon really encourage me to become more Chirst-like.  You feel like you are filled with love and joy.

5. Relax and De-stress

By relaxing your body and soul, you can be rejuvenated.  And when you are back to your everyday life, you will be more ready to serve.

6. Get Inspired

I am an artist and a photographer.  As I was walking on the camp ground, I was really inspired by nature.  You can totally get inspired and get creative when you somewhere new.  This is a time for self-reflection.  You might even learn something new about yourself.

7. Kick in the Butt

During the trip, I was reminded at various times that I needed to read my Bible every day.  I needed some motivation to keep going so camp really gave me that.  You may find that you need a kick in the butt in order to help you grow in your Christian walk too.

During one church occasion, people were asked to share how they came to Christ.  A lot of people identified church camp as where they believed.  It’s a great opportunity to make friends (or even to meet someone special).  Also, church camp is a great place to bring non-believers who are interested in learning.  You can change someone’s life, or your own life.

Read more about my camp retreat including my highlight:

My highlight of the camp was the campfire.  I really felt God’s presence in that place while everybody was laughing and singing.  People were making s’moores for each other.  Our God is a great God of JOY. : )

During the trip, I also felt great healing.  I gave some of my hurts to God and asked him to heal me.  And he did.  Our God is faithful God, and he delivers us out of darkness.  I feel a great peace in my heart now.

Because I am a minimalist, I decided to bring as little as possible to camp.  As much I tried, I couldn’t fit everything into my backpack, because I had to bring a sleeping bag.

20 Things I Brought to Church Camp:  (x) means I actually used this object.

  1. Toiletries and Towel (x)
  2. Sleeping Bag (x)
  3. Ipod (x)
  4. Camera (x)
  5. Chips (x)
  6. Backpack and travel bag (x)
  7. Socks and Underwear (x)
  8. Ear plugs (x)
  9. Flip Flops (x)
  10. Bible (x)
  11. Notebook (x)
  12. Pen (x)
  13. Money
  14. Frisbee (x)
  15. Water bottle (x)
  16. Shorts (x)
  17. Rain Jacket (x)
  18. Umbrella (x)
  19. Bikini
  20. Sunglasses
So overall camp was great time!  Make sure you sign up next time!
Also I want to share a great news with everyone.
I am now a proud member of the multimedia team at my church!
This fits the first of my 10 Commandments of Happiness: Love God by serving others.


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  1. Carol Ann Hoel / Jun 1 2011 11:16 am

    My daughter became a believer in a youth camp. I’ve never been to one, but when my church holds them, there are many praises as a result from those that attended, both youth and adults. Thank you for sharing. Blessings to you…

    • K Zhang / Jun 1 2011 9:22 pm

      That’s awesome! Good for your daughter!
      When you get a chance, you should try going to a retreat. It’s so relaxing and I’m sure you deserve it.

  2. manuel b. marfil jr / Mar 31 2012 8:38 am

    well definitely this is really made me happy everytime i was present in church i felt that the lord is with i am asking guidance,protection,happiness,peace of mind and our niegboorhood and really i was always present in mass because i felt that im content of god has given me and i am also loving in mass as the sermon is very interesting and basically very positive whenever i was in church and i just feel relax and just be concentrated and always be positive when i am praying and thanks for those graces that you had recieve and be glad that our lord is always with you no matter what the difficult things you suffered because this just only a challenge for you to become more firm to him


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