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06/05/2011 / Kaitlin Zhang

5 Habits of the Perfect Husband

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(Read 5 Habits of the Perfect Wife Here.)

At one time, your wife explained to her friends that You are the perfect man.  That’s why she married you.  But can you live up to the expectation of being the perfect husband?

Yes you can!

By committing yourself to develop better habits, you can become irresistible with your wife. You marriage will also be stronger than ever.

This is due to the principal that

If you meet all of her most important needs, then she will be satisfied and happy in your marriage (and vice versa). *

Listed here are the 5 Most Important Needs of Women (statistically speaking):

1. Honesty and Openness

He tells her everything, past, present and future.  He doesn’t tell white lies or lies of silence.  To become one means to share everything.  He never leaves her with a false impression and is truthful about his thoughts, feelings, intentions and behavior.  Remember, Jesus says “don’t lie”.  Remember that Change Your Words, Change Your Life.

Habit: He needs to tell her the truth about his feelings.

2. Financial Support

He financial supports the basic needs of his family.  While he encourages his wife to pursue a career, he does not depend on her salary for family living expenses.

Habit: He may need to upgrade his skills, find a new job or rework the family budget.

3. Conversation

He is never too busy “to just talk”.  He starts conversations and is active in participating.  He is also a great listener.  He talks to her about spiritual matters because he is the spiritual leader of the family.  He also initiates conversation about the relationship.  He asks her how the relationship is going and how he can better meet her needs.

Habit: He needs to set time apart everyday to converse with her alone.  He needs to pray with her.  Prayer is the most intimate thing you can do with your wife.

4. Affection

He creates an environment of affection that clearly and repeatedly expresses his love for her. She needs to feel loved and she needs constant reassurance.

Habit: He tells her that he loves her many times a day.  He can use words, hugs, cards, flowers, gifts, and common courtesies.

5. Family Commitment

It is his responsibility to discipline the children and take the leadership role in parenting.  He also needs to teach the children about God.

Habit: He commits sufficient time and energy to the moral and educational development of the children.  He is actively learning to be a better parent.

Whenever a man exhibits the 5 qualities above, his wife would find him irresistible.  But whenever a man doesn’t exhibit 1 of the top 5 qualities, he runs a very high risk of losing his wife.

*These ideas are from by “His Needs Her Needs” by Willard F. Harley, Jr.  For more information on how to have a great marriage, and how to affair-proof your marriage, please read the book.

P.S. In addition to Harley’s ideas, I wish to add spiritual leadership as one of her needs because she needs a man who can lead and who she can respect.  The purpose of marriage is not happiness, but rather to be closer to God.


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