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07/11/2011 / Kaitlin Zhang

My Top Secret Goals List

Following the previous post Goal Setting For Christians, I decided to demonstrate what I meant by
  • following your priorities
  • setting one short term goal at a time
  • use visual language to convey your goal
  1. God
  2. Health
  3. Relationships
  4. School
  5. Work
Life Goals (God willing):
  • Be a godly Christian
  • Spread the Gospel (especially to my parents)
  • Live a healthy life
  • Demonstrate Christ’s love by loving others
  • Be a godly wife and mother (in the future)
  • Go to grad school and get a MFA
  • Become an established artist
  • Find a career that I love and is stable
  • Buy a home
  • Travel around the world
  • Leave something good behind for future generations
Short Term Goals
July 2011- Establish evening routine (clean up, take vitamin, prayer etc)
Aug 2011- Exercise
Sept 2011- Establish morning routine (read Bible, eat breakfast, plan day etc)
Oct 2011- Make art everyday, make portfolio
Nov 2011 – MFA application
Dec 2011- Smile more and watch my words
Jan 2011 – Healthy eating, eat only 80% full, drink more water
Feb 2011- Connect more with friends
Mar 2011- Build resume, cover letter etc
Apr 2011 – Find a job
May 2011- Organize computer, digitalize my files
June 2011 – Learn more about finances
“In her heart a woman plans her course, but the Lord determine steps. – Proverbs 16:9

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