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07/18/2011 / Kaitlin Zhang

LM 101: Organizational Skills for Christians

This post belongs to a new series called the “Life Management 101″ Series:

  1. Goal Setting for Christians
  2. Time Management for Christians
  3. Decision Making for Christians
  4. Organizational Skills for Christians
  5. Communication Skills for Christians
People like organized people (not that you are trying to get everybody to like you).  But you know what I mean. : )
Organized people have a more stress-free, unhurried  life, which allows time for God and others.
  • My secret to organization is minimalism. 
Imagine a room that is empty, compared to a a room with 100 things in it… which one would be easier for you to clean and keep organized?
Of course I’m not suggesting you to make your room empty, but I’m just saying that:
  • Less is More.  
Or what Leo Babauta said:
“Saying “Less is more” is tainting the good name of less.”
In another post, I will provide you with all the awesome minimalism blogs that I love, with lots of great advice on being organized.  For now, just check out the links I have provided.
There are four main areas to organize:
  1. Organize Your Time
  2. Organize Your Spaces
  3. Organize Your Finances
  4. Organize Your Mind
  • Organize Your Time:
As described in LM 101: Time Management Skills for Christians, a good organization tool is the Google Calender (or any other calender).  Organizing your time is the first step to having a more efficient schedule and a stress-free life.
It will help you be punctual and make sure you don’t forget anything.
Being punctual is being respectful and loving others.
Also in my morning routine, after I read the Bible, I plan my day.  On a piece of sticky note, I write down all I wish to accomplish today, according to my godly priorities and time.
I find making lists the most helpful way to organize my time.
  • Organize Your Spaces:
  • Organize Your Finances:
Or check out the MASTER LIST:
  • Organize Your Mind:
You are in control of your thoughts.  Paul said to the Phillipians,
“Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things.” –Phil 4:8
We are all tempted all time, but we can gain control over our thoughts immediately when we are tempted, by reciting God’s Word and through prayer.  Center your thoughts around the goodness of God, and your mind will automatically be more organized.

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