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09/01/2011 / Kaitlin Zhang

Back To School for Jesus. Are you ready?

New school year is here. You are probably busy buying school supplies and planning your new schedule.  So am I.  My monthly plan for September is to establish a morning routine.  Everyday I will wake up, wash up, eat breakfast, read the Bible, exercise and plan my day.  I will rise early to start my day unhurried and focused on God.

September is the beginning of a new level and faith and love. It is a great time to set Godly priorities and align ourselves to not stray to the left or to the right.

You will be seeing old friends. What a great time to be encouraged and to encourage others! You will make new friends.  What a great time to love others and demonstrate God’s love! You will be facing new challenges.  What a great time to generate more faith and trust!

Everyone needs encouragement on his/her walk with Jesus.

Here are some scripture verses that I found especially for Back To School! I hope these loving words from our Father will encourage you!

“Be strong and courageous!” This Bible says this various times especially in Deuteronomy and Joshua.  Moses and God both told Joshua to be strong and courageous in front of the enemy.  God is telling you to be strong and courageous in front of new people, new challenges and new circumstances, for He is with you.

“Where there are no oxen, the manger is clean,

but abundant crops come by the strength of the ox.”Proverbs 14:4

The oxen is used to plow the ground in order to produce abundant crops. And keeping the oxen means the unpleasant job of cleaning the stable. Translated to modern language, it means that we must do some dirty and hard work in order to do God’s work.  Not everything is pleasant and easy.  I often find that sharing the Gospel is hard.  I often have to pump myself up, and gather up courage to be bold in sharing the Gospel.  But I know that if I want to do God’s work, then I must be a servant first and do the hard work.

Happy New School Year!



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  1. andersbranderud / Sep 8 2011 7:06 am


    Preaching the gospel?

    I would like to comment on that. I want to make it clear and understandable, and that is why it is lengthy.

    Did you know that the historical Jewish Messiah called Y’hoshua, from Nazareth, was a Torah-observant Jew and so was his followers called the Netzarim?

    This is what the Mashiakh – Messiah – must have taught about ‘salvation’ – if he was a legitimate prophet according to D’varim [Deuteronomy] 13:1-6:
    As stipulated in Devarim [“Deuteronomy”] 6:4-9,11:13-21 one is required to keep all of the directives of Torâh [books of Moses] to one’s utmost—viz., “with all one’s heart, psyche and might [lit. “very”]“—”for the purpose of extending your days and the days of your children… like the days of the heavens above the earth” (i.e., eternal life).

    According to the Hebrew Bible (which Christians call “OT”) -“Ezekiel” chapter 18 – the Creator confer His atonement in His loving kindness to those and only those turning away from their Torah [books of Moses]-transgressions and (re)turning to non-selectively observance of the commandments in the books of Moses. Everyone has transgressed the Torah and its possible to obtain forgiveness from the Creator in His loving kindness when living in the above way. The Creator has promised this in His Bible – which is in Hebrew – and He doesn’t lie.

    Thus, the way of ‘salvation’ and the Christian gospel in NT contradicts Torah and what the Jewish Messiah called Y’hoshua taught. I am a former Christian and understand that after having studied Torah in Hebrew according to the ancient meaning of the words.

    Doing your utmost to follow the commandments of the books of Moses will lead you into an immensely meaningful relationsship with the Creator.

    Anders Branderud

  2. K Zhang / Sep 9 2011 7:42 pm

    Hi Anders

    I am glad you have an interest in spiritual matters. Sometimes it is better to talk about it than to be indifferent about religion. To be very honest, I have no idea about the things you discussed. And I don’t know enough to comment on it. And I admit that one day I might look back on my postings and disagree with myself, but that doesn’t make what I say today invalid.

    My blog is about simplifying Christianity so that all may understand. I don’t know all the theology but I know that Jesus is who he says he is. And he loves you and me.

    Since you do believe in God, then I hope it is okay for me to pray that God will open our hearts and reveal the truth to us.

    God bless,
    K Zhang

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