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09/12/2011 / Kaitlin Zhang

Easy to Add, Hard to Subtract

Sept is a crazy month for me.  Commitments are easy to add, hard to subtract.

I have been having a lot of difficulties managing my time and commitments.

So I have decided to reread my old post Time Management for Christians.

Then I decided to write stuff down to help my brain organize.  So the main function of this post is to let you (my reader) keep me accountable.  I encourage you to do the following exercise with me to evaluate your commitments.

First write down your priorities in order.

Then add your current commitments under each category.

Priority 1 God

  • church
  • volunteer on media team
  • lead Bible study
  • take classes at church
  • blog on Prayer Kingdom

Priority 2 Health

  • exercise at home
  • sleep on time
  • eat healthy

Priority 3 Relationship

  • make face time

Priority 4 School

  • classes
  • work on art portfolio
  • curate a show at a museum
  • be fundrasing manager for another show

Priority 5 Career

  • work on my book
  • volunteer for Asian art symposium
  • attend art events

Priority 6 Work

  • part time job

After making your list, and praying over your commitments, make a decision to not to add to this list.

Also make sure to schedule your time according to your priorities. 

Learn to say no.

Things I am praying for:

  • wisdom
  • discernment
  • a closer relationship with God
  • spiritual maturity
  • an unhurried spirit
  • time to be loving others
  • a correct perspective on work and success



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