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10/26/2011 / Kaitlin Zhang

How to Read a Book

Central Library Vancouver

Tony Reinke from Covenant Life Church shares 3 sermons on How To Read A Book.

This series really resonate with me because I love reading.  One of my favourite places is the Central Library in Downtown Vancouver. Recently, I developed this habit that I have to read before I go to bed.  But what does God have to say about reading? Listen to the 3 part sermon to find out.

Part 1 A Theology of Books and Reading

This class explores (1) the nature and value of Scripture and how it relates to all other books and literature; and (2) how the message of the gospel impacts personal literacy.

Part 2 What to Read

For every book you choose to read you’ll need to decline about 9,999 others simply because there isn’t enough time in life to read them. So how do you decide what books to read, or more importantly, how do you decide what books to NOT read? In this session we explore how personal reading priorities will help bring focus and clarity to your personal book reading decisions.

Part 3: How to Read a Non-Fiction Book

The three-part series on a theology of books and reading concludes with 20 tips and tricks for reading nonfiction books.


Learn more about How to Read the Bible


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