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12/24/2011 / Kaitlin Zhang

What Christmas is Really About

Christmas is definitely about shopping.

It is definitely about gift giving.

It is definitely about dressing up and going to parties and having

LOTS and LOTS of great food.

But it is also about loneliess. Many people tend to feel more alone during the holidays if they are not around family or friends.

It also reminds us how many horrible things are going on around the world and how much we NEED love and peace on Earth.

Perhaps amongst all the Christmas shopping and food, we tend to forget that Christmas is about a baby boy who was born around 2000 years ago in a manger. It’s his birthday. And it is the day when God decided to show humanity how much he loves us.

Jesus is the reason for the season.

Perhaps we should rethink how best to celebrate Jesus’ birthday.

I pray that during this holiday season, many will come to know Christ. I pray that the Christians will have the courage to invite your non-Christian friends to a friendly church event. I pray that many would find the true meaning of Christmas and experience God’s love.

This is short and simple prayer. But I know God will make it huge.

Happy Birthday Jesus! We love you!


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