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01/14/2012 / Kaitlin Zhang

Saying a Prayer of Healing

Don’t you wish that by going into the new year, we can just leave our past behind?

On January 1st, everybody wakes up feeling refreshed, our bodies healed, our relationships mended, our troubles gone….

God is the ultimate healer. He is better than a pop of aspirin, or a shopping spurge. He knows exactly what is bothering us even if we don’t know it ourselves. And he knows how to make it all better.

Be gracious to me, O Lord, for I am languishing;

heal me, O Lord, for my bones are troubled.  – Psalm 6:2

Illness is like a monster that attacks our body viciously first and then attacks our spirit slowly and painfully… unless God is standing side by side with us. When Jesus was on Earth, he did not only care about the people’s spirituality and salvation, he was also concerned about people’s physical health.  Jesus and his disciples healed many from all different kinds of sickness and infliction.

The good news is God still heals today. It isn’t something that was only done when Jesus was on Earth.  The Bible says that when somebody is sick, they should get the elders in the church to annoint them with oil and pray for them. James 5:14

Sometimes relationships need healing as well. For 2012, I want you to say a special prayer for families. We all have our own version of a dysfunctional family. Relationships are easily broken and harder to mend. And the consequences of a broken family can cause us to be hurting for a long time.

Look around you. Find a hurting person in need and pray for them. Perhaps on Jan 1st 2013, we would wake up with a healthy body, great relationships and a peaceful soul.


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  1. Noel / Jan 16 2012 6:58 pm

    You’re absolutely right! Healing is very important for families, communities,and the whole world as well.

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